Growth in Torah & Relationships for a Lifetime In the Holiest Spot on Earth

Intensive Gemara Learning and a Broad Curriculum

 Learning at Yeshivat Hakotel is designed to give you the tools to learn Gemara independently and at the highest level, while shiurim in Tanach, Machshava and Halacha allow you to broaden your knowledge and love of Torah.

Meet our Rabbeim & Staff

Yeshivat Hakotel’s warm and caring staff work with each Talmid to develop his skills in learning and his Avodat Hashem. A high staff-to-student ratio allows Talmidim to form deep relationships with Rabbeim- relationships that last well beyond the years in Yeshiva.

Student Life at Yeshivat Hakotel

Experience a Shabbat that you wish would never end. Look out upon the vistas of Eretz Yisrael. Make friends for a lifetime. Beyond the walls of the Beit Midrash, Hakotel Talmidim experience Israel in a way that can not be matched!

Basketball at Hakotel
Group Hakotel photo

Leadership Program

The Yeshivat Hakotel Bergman Family Leadership Program is an outgrowth of our emphasis on the centrality of Am Yisrael. Courses, Shabbatonim, workshops, special programs and encounters with leading personalities empower Talmidim to apply their learning to the community.

The Hakotel-Mizrachi Mechanchim Program

A partnership between Yeshivat Hakotel and World Mizrachi-training older students to become skilled, professional teachers who are prepared to educate communities around the world.