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Broad Curriculum

Our curriculum aims to develop both comprehensive knowledge and skills. We familiarize students with the basics of Tanach, Torah Sheb'al Peh, Halacha, Jewish Philosophy and belief, and Mussar and help them develop the ability for independent study all of these fields in depth.

Talmud is the mainstay of our curriculum. Morning seder focuses on iyun skills which include textual sensitivity and analytical proficiency. Our methodology develops a student's ability to notice textual nuances and identify central conceptual issues and use both to appreciate each sugya. Students are enabled to the point where they can prepare and present a sugya. Chaburot like this are presented by each student.

During afternoon seder we offer a bekiut program meant to solidify reading skills. The program consists of an hour of chavruta preparation followed by a reading session where boys read for rabbonim who make corrections and comment on the gemara being learned. These sessions, not only cover over 100 pages of gemara annually, but also sharpen reading ability

At night seder most boys study additional Talmud with an older chavruta.

Tanach- We encourage and facilitate the completion Tanach within their first year. We offer an array of shiurim that not only cover the entirety of Tanach, but also teach the skills necessary to appreciate it. This allows students to learn Tanach in a meaningful way after yeshiva.

Halacha- In addition to a daily halacha seder, we offer a number of shiurim in pertinent areas of halacha. In-depth topics include: Hilchot Shabbat, Kashrut, Berachot and "Halacha in the Workplace".

Jewish Philosophy- We offer a two pronged program of Jewish Philosophy shiurim that focus both on topics and on the philosophies of individuals like Rav Sa'adya Gaon, Rav Yehuda Halevi, the Rambam, Rav Chayyim Volozhin, the Ba'al HaTanya, Rav nachman MiBreslov, Rav Kook, and Rav Soloveitchik.

Mussar- In addition to mussar seder, students enjoy small chaburot that study particular mussar classics with rebbeim. We also offer a number of sichot mussar on a weekly basis.

Curriculum makeup: The yeshiva offers a large number of shiurim in subjects other than Gemara and helps talmidim build a schedule most appropriate to them. Although the average boy will generally spend a high percentage of his time (around 80%) on Talmud, there are many who devote up to half their time to other subjects. As a hesder yeshiva which includes over five years of Israeli students, the yeshiva offers a wide array of levels in each field of study. Before students know enough Hebrew to allow for integration, they are offered three levels of Gemara shiur- ranging from a basic gemara focused level to one that deals with analytical issues on a very advanced level.