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Programming for Shabbat and Yom Tov

Two out of every three Shabbatot are called Shabbat Yeshiva. We recommend that talmidim remain in the Yeshiva on these Shabbatot as they are an integral part of the Yeshiva experience. Sichot and tischim are part of the Shabbat schedule as well as meals at the homes of ramim or local families. Students may stay or leave for any Shabbat. There are also off-campus Shabbatonim throughout the year. When there is an off Shabbat the Yeshiva encourages students to take advantage of the time to travel the country and visit families in other locales.We recommend that boys stay in the Rova for Yom Tov. We make arrangements for those who decide to stay or those who prefer to spend Yom Tov in other parts of the country.The dorms are always open for the students, offering partial board during bein hazmanim.