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Donation Opportunities

1)  Yeshivat Hakotel has one of the largest religious Zionist kollelim in Israel, with over 60 avrechim.
The total cost of supporting a kollel student is $15,000/year.
2) Considering Yeshivat Hakotel's location in the Old City, security is always an issue.  We must have the proper technical equipment, including cameras, and the staff (mostly students) to make sure that the yeshiva is safe and secure.  The cost of the security program, including training courses for our students, is $50,000.
3) To join the Bonei Hakotel Society, a donation is $1800.  The Rabbi Akiva Circle is $5000.  Your name will go on the Society's plaque currently going up in the yeshiva.


We will be delighted to welcome you at the Yeshiva during your next visit to Israel.



Don Kates,

Director of Development



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